This week's loaded with blockbuster titles, so make sure you choose one or both to occupy your weekend!

Spiderman, the new Sony PS4 exclusive, comes from a very hot hypetrain after favorable reception from recent cons like E3, and the spread of its fun web-slinging (and -swinging, arguably more importantly). 

Spiderman PS4 Web Combat

This being Insomniac’s first licensed superhero game pushed many to ask the question “will they do it justice?”, but a day after release and after review embargoes were lifted… it’s safe to say they did good. The open-world feel of a fictional Manhattan is captured by the sprawling cityscapes, which borrow a lot of common open-world game tropes, but nevertheless meshes well together in order to give an adequate playground for Spidey to swing about on. This is like Batman’s Arkham series with way more light, color, and humor (although it does not fail to bring in motes of seriousness, as this is an adult Peter Parker starring in quite a “real” setting).

The story does not tie or constrain itself from any specific pre-existing body of work, but borrows a lot from the plethora of material and paces them well together in a solid narrative. Osborn, Octavius, Mary Jane, Morales, the biggest names in Spider Man history are all well represented.

The gameplay has been seen, but it really has to be tried and felt to be truly appreciated. No other Spiderman game ever developed comes close to how well Spidey’s web shenanigans translate in this game. The web slinging is well-woven (pun intended) into throwing punches and kicks in the combat system; it just feels… natural and in-place. It’s the kind of feeling that tells you, “hey, yeah, I can be Spiderman”.

Spiderman PS4 Web Slinging

That said, we hope you’re picking up a controller these coming weekends, if not flying thru the skylines with your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, maybe flying towards the backboard with an earth-shattering dunk with your favorite NBA superstars in NBA Live 19? Coming out for Xbox One and PS4, the iteration of EA’s take on the NBA offers a fresh start and new mechanics for those looking for an alternative spin coming from 2K. It’s worth a shot! (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). NBA Live 19 is due out next week.

NBA Live 19 Custom Courts

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