Dobe PS4 Pro USB Hub [TP4-832]

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1. Connect all your wired devices
2. Charge all your wireless devices
3. Harmonious: It fits perfectly to the console
4. Access to USB ports simplified console
5. Like a mini PS4 Pro console in shape

Operation Instruction:
There is an interface mainly switching circuit inside PS4-Pro-Hub, which transforms and reallocates the signal that is output by PS4 Pro host whose one USB3.0 output signal can be divided into four USB2.0 through PS4-Hub without interfering the use of another USB3.0 as well as allowing USB2.0 and USB 3.0 to output together.
1. Insert PS4-Pro-HUB into the USB of PS4 Pro host
2. Connect the power cord for the host
3. Gamepad can be directly charged when inserted to USB 3.0 of PS4-HUB
4. the other USB 3.0 can be transformed to four USB 2.0 to output

Package Includes:
1 x USB hub for PS4 Pro gaming console

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