Pre-Order Instruction


1.Pre-Ordering guarantees you get your hands on a NEW HOT New Release before it is SOLD OUT.

2. Pre Order Bonuses is indicated in the description of the game. But for limited allocation... it is first come first serve. Once you pre ordered, you will be notified via email if what pre order bonus you will receive.

3. Free Shipping is given if it is stated as PRE-ORDER BONUS.

Note: Pre-Ordered games is shipped on the release date. If you pre-order store pickup, please pre-order at a branch near you. Here is the link of our store location



1. Advance payment is required, amount is depending on the following

  • Regular Game - P 500,00
  • Collectors Edition - P 1,000 to 2,000 (depending on the value)


2. Once Pre-ordered, we will email you DISCOUNT CODE, which will only be use for the PRE-ORDER Title.

Note: We will use the email address you registered in the website.


3. The DISCOUNT CODE, will be entered here to deduct the advance payment.



4. The Discount Code will be only valid TWO WEEKS after Date of RELEASE.

5. Delivery is 1 to 2 working days when payment is confirmed. *

* Remote Areas usually takes 2 to 3 working days. (There is no delivery on Sundays and Holidays)


All pre-orders are considered FINAL. Requests to transfer your pre-order slot to a different game, as well as refunds, will NOT be accomodated.

Please be sure before securing a pre-order slot as cancellation of your pre-order forfeits your pre-order slot and downpayment fee.



ONLINE PRE-ORDER IS EXCLUSIVE FOR SHIPPING ONLY. For Pickup, please visit our branches to make the pre-order. Here is the link for our store location