PSV Ragnarok Odyssey Ace [R3] The Best

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The followup game to Ragnarok Odyssey, one of the most famous RPG games out there, Ace continues to embody everything that defines an RPG. Item collection, health and magic management, crafting, and NPC interaction are all elements that suck you into the game for hours at a time! With 6 different classes, you can customize your fighting and playing style to what suits your best. 

Ace will include all quests and downloadable content from the original game alongside a new episode set continuing the story. The game will feature a 'ACE Skill' battle system, based on character class, that modifies attacks, movement, and recovery as well multiple other gameplay changes and items.

On top of everything else a new dungeon will be introduced entitled Tower of Yggdrasil which will be a randomly generated dungeon, with ever-increasing difficulty as you progress. A big deal for the multiplayer scene, as this mode will also be available.
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Compatibility No Region Protection
Genre Role-Playing
Language Chinese/Japanese; Subtitle: English
Rated No
Publisher Game Arts
Platform PS Vita
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