PSV Super Robot Wars V [R3]

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Like the previous titles of the series, Super Robot Wars V is a Tactical RPG game with story elements and utilizes the same graphics engine seen in 3rd Super Robot Wars Z, but with an inclusion of a 3d isometric map unlike its predecessor. Like other games, it follows the same basic structure: when a stage begins, the character receives introductory dialogue between playable characters, leading to the scenario on the battlefield. To complete a scenario, the player must accomplish scenario objectives. Some scenarios are longer, with multi-part missions or have new objectives added as the story unfolds. On battlefield, the player and enemy take turns to order their units with commands available, such as movement, attacking, forming squads and casting "Spirit Commands", a set of magic-like spells unique to each pilot. Once the scenario is cleared, more dialogue is exchanged between characters before the player is taken to an intermission menu. Here, units can be upgraded or optional parts installed, characters' stats and skills can be changed or upgraded, and other maintenance actions can be performed before the player continues on with the game.

Newer gameplay elements is also been brought into the game with the reintroduction of the Beginner's Mode. It also introduces a new Skill Route and Skill Program function, which allows players to fully customize pilot's skills using Tactical Points, which were obtained through the game's play-through. The game also features two new gameplay mechanics: Extra Order and Extra Action. Extra Action allows player units to use ExC points in each stage to gain advantage in battle while Extra Order allows battleship units to raise spirits of each units. Aside from the new features, both squad systems and combination attacks will also return in the game as well as a Remote Play and Cross Save function to play the game in both Vita and the PlayStation 4 without losing progress. Although both games won't allow any recording and screenshots except to certain scenes of the game.

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Compatibility No Region Protection
Genre Action
Language Vocie Japanese Subtitle English
Rated No
Publisher Namco Bandai
Platform PS Vita 1000, Vita 2000
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