PSV Toukiden 2 [R1]

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Fight to save the world from demons through real time battles in a huge open world environment. Experience deep new story lines, arm for battle with new weapons, and defeat newly designed demons.

  • Huge Open World Map - from the start, freely explore a world full of Oni and villages and uncover numerous quests
  • Robust Character Creation - feature allows the player to customize his or her hero.
  • Expansive New Storyline - advance the story thru exploration and discovery.
  • New Characters, New Oni, and New Mitama!
  • 2 New Weapon Types - added to your Slayer's arsenal bringing the total to 11; imbue with different attributes and abilities to create over 1500 variations!
  • Spawn the deadly Demon Hand' - for powerful Targeted Destruction. New levels of variety and strategic depth have been added to combat.
  • Multiplayer - up to 4-players can join forces to form a hunting party. Cross-play between PS4 & Vita.
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Compatibility No Region Protection
Genre Action Role-Playing
Language English
Rated M - Mature
Publisher Koei Tecmo Games Co.
Platform PS Vita 1000, 2000
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