Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Limited Edition [Asian]

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  • Xbox One S main body (1 TB HDD built-in, special design) x 1
  • Xbox Wireless Controller Minecraft Creeper (Bluetooth compatible, special design) x 1
  • Xbox One S vertical stand x 1
  • Minecraft version code (CERO A (for all ages))
  • Red Stone Pack code: Villans, Redstone Specialist, Biome Pioneer Pack 1 & Biome Pioneer Pack 2
  • High speed HDMI cable x 1
  • Power cord x 1
  • Instruction manual x 1
  • 1-month Xbox Game Pass subscription card

Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Limited Edition includes a specially designed Xbox One 1TB body that imaged grass blocks appeared in Minecraft and a controller designed after creeper. In addition, "Red Stone Pack" which includes "Xbox One Vertical Stand" and "Minecraft" main body and a number of download contents are enclosed.

Xbox One S is a new Xbox One with a built-in AC adapter, which reduces body volume by about 40% from conventional Xbox One. The unit has a built-in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, you can enjoy 4K video with streaming, it can also be used as an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc player. Also, not only video but some games as well correspond to HDR (High Dynamic Range) output, if it is compatible TV draw out the dazzling dungeon wall illuminated by the candle from the walls of the dark to the dazzling landscape under the sun, more natural you can express it. The enclosed controller can wirelessly connect to a PC or tablet equipped with Windows 10 compatible with Bluetooth. Xbox One S can use the peripheral equipment and games for Xbox One released so far as they are.

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